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Our Story 

Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup is a consultancy agency headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Founded by Imad Ghreiwati, Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup offers comprehensive business startup services at affordable prices to all business sizes. 

In 2002, Imad Ghreiwati was a young adult who left Lebanon in search of a stable life. His path led him to Dubai, which has been his home ever since. After years of learning and understanding, Imad Ghreiwati finally followed his dream of being an entrepreneur. Over time, he set up multiple companies and guided each firm with care and passion. Today, the Imad Ghreiwati Group runs successful businesses across several industries including real estate, hospitality, healthcare, tourism, and more. 

However, the road to success was not always easy. Imad Ghreiwati understood the struggles of being an entrepreneur and starting a business in Dubai. He discovered a significant lack of quality business setup consultants in the city. With Dubai continually making international headlines, Imad Ghreiwati knew the city had become highly lucrative for businesses. 

And that is when Imad Ghreiwati began Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup. An agency built on trust, transparency, and quality services. As an entrepreneur himself, Imad Ghreiwati ensured the company offered everything and anything business related at an affordable price. Leading a team of 50, Imad Ghreiwati strived to perfect every service to provide maximum benefit to budding entrepreneurs. 

According to Imad Ghreiwati, “no one should have to abandon their dreams due to the lack of resources. Ultimately, if my team and I helped achieve someone’s goals, that’s a win in our books. And, that will always be our fundamental aim; to assist others in their dreams and simplify their journey.” 


UAE Company Setup 

In recent years, we witnessed UAE transform itself into a business hub. Being home to diverse cultures, stable political conditions, streamlined revenue systems, and a friendly tax environment, it is not a surprise that UAE is the best business destination. 

If you are looking to expand or start your entrepreneurial journey in the land of opportunities, let Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup be your guide. With over ten years of experience, we know all the intricacies of setting up a business in the UAE. From understanding your business overview to discussing the minute details of business operations, we guarantee comprehensive and customized solutions. Our experts promise transparency, ease, and seamlessness at every step. 

Our broad categories under UAE Company Setup are: 

  • UAE Mainland 
  • UAE Offshore 
  • UAE Freezone

Accounting Services 

Maintaining a proper accounting record is crucial for any business. Accounting allows you to track income and expenditure and boost investors’ confidence while providing valuable financial decisions which can be used in making informed decisions. 

As UAE promotes the safety and transparency of business finance, there are strict accounting rules. For instance, there are five policies every company must follow when starting a business in UAE. They are record-keeping policy, cash receipts, bank transactions, VAT returns, and other supporting documents. For new companies, it can sound overwhelming, but that is why we are here. 

At Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup, we are your accountants. With over ten years of experience, we understand the accounting rules and have successfully assisted over 3,000 companies with their accounting. We promise you data-driven records, open communication, and overall simplified procedures. Our comprehensive accounting services are: 

  • VAT Services 
  • Business Accounting Services 
  • Financial Forecast & Projection 
  • Bookkeeping Services 
  • CFO Services 
  • Inventory Verification Services 
  • Payroll Management 
  • Accounts Payable
  • Month-End Financial 

PRO Services 

Starting a venture on foreign soil can always be daunting. From understanding government laws to communicating with local bodies, there are countless duties in setting up a business. That is why you need a qualified PRO. At Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup, our agents are proficient in all UAE laws and can assist with absolute ease. Our range of PRO services are: 

  • Company & Branch Formation 
  • Opening Corporate Bank Account 
  • Resident & Employee Visa 
  • Family Visa 
  • Visa Cancellation 
  • Labor & Immigration Cards 
  • Emirates ID Cards 
  • Document Attestation 
  • Mail Collection 
  • Passport Clearance 
  • Trademark & Copyright 
  • Approval & Renewal of Trade License 
  • Annual License Renewal 
  • Regulatory Approvals and NOC Letters 
  • Notarization of Legal Documents 
  • Offshore & Security Passes (CICPA) 


“Wonderful customer service from Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup. They organized my work visa quickly and assisted me throughout the appointments. They were punctual, informative, and patient. Thank you for making it easy so easy and pleasant.”

“Absolutely the best business startup consultancy in Dubai. The team was so well-versed in Dubai laws, and it was all a seamless experience. Highly recommend them!”

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Imad Ghreiwati Business Setup made the entire process of starting a business actually stress-free. They were so educated and efficient. Coming to a new country, I expected it to be chaotic; instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of it all!”